Tips for Maintaining Different Kinds of Carpets

What Type of Carpet Cleaning Is Most Suitable for My Carpets?

Depending on the nature of the fibers, you need to treat your carpet differently. That’s due to the differences in the textile’s properties. Synthetic threads are vulnerable to one thing, and natural fibers to another. That’s why the cleaning methods vary too.

different color carpetsFor starters, if you have a wonderful synthetic carpet, you need to have a good vacuum cleaner as well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to clean it properly and regularly. You can’t wash it every time it gets covered with dust and debris. So, vacuum frequently and thoroughly! If you spill anything, blot it up quickly! There is a chance that it won’t leave a stain. If it remains, don’t rub it in. Put several drops of a suitable carpet cleaning agent, wait a bit, then rinse it, and blot it up again. Some synthetic fibers are more resistant than others; however, they may react with some cleaners, so make sure you’re using the right one.

When it comes to natural fibers, the most popular fiber used is wool. It can be pretty expensive though. Wool is harder to manufacture, hence the higher market value. However, the material is not without its perks. It has some amazing stain resistance. So, when you spill something, you need to blot it up immediately. Woolen fibers don’t allow dirt and dust do penetrate the deeper layers of the carpet and keep everything on the surface. However, the fibers are also pretty moisture absorbent, so make sure you blot all liquid spills quickly. For regular maintenance, we recommend vacuum cleaning, just don’t use a brush extension. It can damage the threads and fibers. Also, be careful when washing woolen carpets. They absorb a lot of water and can become very heavy and hard to work with. We recommend you call a carpet cleaning company for that.

Plant fiber carpets, on the other hand, are pretty neat and tidy. They don’t have any fibers. They look like plant threads woven tightly together. So, cleaning them requires mostly vacuuming on a regular basis. However, if you ever need any carpet cleaning services in Santa Clarita CA or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to give SCV Carpet Cleaning Canyon Country a call at (661) 235-0606!